Work Sessions

Get Things Done Alongside Me While I Work! (Also known as “Body Doubling”.)

What do you want to get done?

  • paperwork?
  • pay bills?
  • dishes?
  • laundry?
  • yoga?

Whatever it is, you can join me virtually while I get my paperwork done. Email if you are interested and I will let you know when our next works sessions are.

More About Our Work Sessions:

Julie will be working on her ADHD Coaching business, doing some paperwork such as business promotion, coach planning or follow up emails for clients.

In her downtime Julie likes hiking, reading, and spending time with family, including her two adult sons and her two grandkids.

This classic session format works well for trying out body doubling.

 It is a good idea to think about or plan the work you want to get done before the session starts so that you will be able to get going right away.

Here’s what to expect:

  • sessions start on time
  • sessions run 1 hour (You can keep working on your own if you’re on a roll!)
  • sessions begin with a 5 minute intro when people can share their goals for the session
  • 50 minutes of muted work time with a break half way (schedule more breaks for yourself it you work better that way)
  • last 5 minutes for checking in with each other to see how things went

If you show up late for the session, use the chat to say hi, share your goal(s) for the session, and get started.

PS: Want to invite a friend? Let them know about our work sessions and they can join us too!

To reschedule or cancel, just drop us a line.

Questions? Email us at .

More About Body Doubling

Coming soon.