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If you have a new diagnosis, are self-identified, or would just like to improve your organization and overall ability to get things done, we can work out together what works best for you. Or perhaps it is your children you have in mind. How can I support you to help your children thrive?


Let’s get started together.

Workshops & Book Studies

Online workshops and book studies for students and adults with ADHD as well as teachers and parents.


Resources, research articles, books, science, tools and strategies for supporting Adults, Students and “Littles” with Executive Skills development.

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Online Personal Sessions
and Online Workshops


This session will help you to identify your strengths and challenges with executive skills. You will understand what each of the 11 executive skills are as well as the role they play in your life. You will be introduced to a variety of strategies and begin the process for deciding which are the best fit for you.

Study Group for Parents

We will read and study the book together, Smart But Scattered for Teens by Richard Guare and Peg Dawson. Discussions. We will go through the content together to make sense of it and extend that knowledge, sorting out how it resonates in our own lives – as parents and our in children’s lives. Then we will come back to the meetings to collaborate, learn and practice with people experiencing similar situations.

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