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FREE Work Sessions: “Summer Shade Co-Working Crew”

Join our FREE online summer co-working sessions powered by ADHD Roadmap Coaching! Dive into four immersive work sessions designed to increase your focus and productivity through shared accountability. What paperwork tasks do you need to get done? Reduce your random piles of paper and procrastination at the same time!

4 Monday Sessions beginning July 8, 6:00pm to 7:00pm (Pacific Time)

What Do You Need?

If you have a new diagnosis, are self-diagnosed, or would just like to improve your organization and overall ability to get things done, we can work out together what works best for you. Or perhaps it is your children you have in mind? How can I support you to help your children thrive?


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Everything from ADHD Basics to finishing your taxes, to the art & science of time management for the ADHD BRAIN!


Research articles, books, science, tools & strategies for supporting Executive Functions and Executive Skills development.

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