Virtual ADHD Assistants

We Can Help!

We understand the ADHD brain! Our Virtual ADHD Assistants have lived experience with ADHD so there is no judgment here. We just help you get on with it.

Have you ever heard the expression “ADHD Tax”? Of course it is not literally a real tax, but it does cost people with ADHD. Examples include:

  • parking tickets or fines for insurance that expires
  • dental issues because you have not kept regular dental appointments
  • not being eligible for services or discounts because you have not done your income tax
  • marks deducted for late assignments
  • and even the frown on a friend’s face when you are late – again

According to, the “ADHD Tax” is…

“the extra effort, resources, and time people with ADHD put into tasks that may be easier for others. It’s not an actual tax people have to pay, but it can still cost money. The ADHD tax can be a literal price people with ADHD pay as a result of the choices we make. Or it can refer to an emotional cost, like the feelings of shame that can come with ADHD struggles. “

We Can Help!

ADHD Virtual Assistants can help reduce the burden of daily tasks or those that have piled up over time. They can also be there with you (virtually) when you tackle the tasks that you don’t like or are feeling stressed about. This could be anything from dishes to calling your credit card company, to pulling off that last minute assignment. We can support you to be more organized, communicate better or more regularly, and stay on track with the things you want to get done.

Or maybe you are an ADHD Entrepreneur and you have more business related tasks to get done. Your work is probably never done! We can help you prioritize and get started on the most important actions.

Reach out for pricing information based on what you need to get done.