The Coaching Process

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Coaching for Adults, Adult Students, Elementary Students, Teens, or Littles/Parent Support .

The Overall Coaching Process Goes Like This:

  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Start Up (Informal Assessment and Getting to Know You)
  • Goal-Setting (Integrated with Executive Skill Development)
  • Set Up Goal Measurement (Daily and Weekly)
  • Action (Set Up Systems, Learn Strategies, and Work Toward Your Goal)
  • Maintain and Adjust Your Goal, Supports and Strategies
  • Fade Coaching (When You Are Close to Meeting Your Goal)

Coaching Sessions Look Like This:

  1. Get ready
  2. Temperature check
  3. Review the week. How did it go? (Successes and Challenges following the plan)
  4. Executive skills: Which skills did you work on? Which strategies were effective?
  5. Plan for the week. Look ahead and discuss possible upcoming barriers and solutions.
  6. Decide on actions for the week.
  7. Set next meeting date and check-in(s).