The Coaching Process

The Overall Coaching Process Goes Like This:

  • Kick Off Meeting
  • Start Up (Informal Assessment and Getting to Know You)
  • Goal-Setting (Integrated with Executive Skill Development)
  • Set Up Goal Measurement (Daily and Weekly)
  • Action (Set Up Systems and Work Toward Your Goal)
  • Maintain and Adjust Your Goal and Supports
  • Fade Coaching (When You Are Close to Meeting Your Goal)

Coaching Sessions Look Like This:

  1. Get ready
  2. Temperature check
  3. Review the week. How did it go? (Successes and Challenges)
  4. Executive skills: Which skills did you work on?
  5. Plan for the week. Look ahead/anticipate and discuss possible barriers and solutions.
  6. Decide on actions for the week.
  7. Set next meeting date.

Power Plan

Stage 1 – POWER START $200/week
Stage 2 – POWER UP PLAN $150/week
Stage 3 – POWER DOWN (varies)

Roadmap Plan

Stage 1 – START UP $150/week
Stage 2 – WORK THE PLAN $150/week
Stage 3 – FADE OUT (varies)

For more information about fees and pricing, contact us or download the plan description.