ADHD and Me!

This one hour group session will help you to identify your strengths and challenges with executive skills. You will understand what each of the 12 executive skills are as well as the role they play in your life. You will be introduced to a variety of strategies and begin the process for deciding which are the best fit for you. Email us to find out when the next session is scheduled.

Book Studies:

Parent Study Group: “Smart But Scattered, for Teens”

We will read and study the book together, Smart But Scattered for Teens by Richard Guare and Peg Dawson.

Discussions. We will go through the chapters and …

  • learn together
  • make sense of the information
  • think about how it resonates/fits in your life and with your child/teen
  • collaborate
  • talk with others experiencing similar situations

Email us if you would like to participate.