I am Julie Principe. I am a self-diagnosed with ADHD.

I have 36 years experience as a Classroom Teacher, ELL and Inclusion Teacher from Kindergarten to high school. I understand what it takes to support and to nurture independence and success across a range of ages. I wrote individual education plans, worked with families, students and school teams. I also mentored other inclusion educators and worked with some of the most challenging (and interesting) students in two school districts.

I am the mother of two adult sons: one with an ADD and Autism diagnosis, and the other with ADHD. I also have other family members and close friends with ADHD, both diagnosed and self-diagnosed. They have helped me develop a deeper understanding of the barriers for those with executive skill challenges. I am in awe of their relentless optimism and courage as they tackle everyday tasks that require more energy than a neurotypical person would need in the same situation.

I can help you…

  • advocate for your needs or the needs of your child.
  • support you to advocate for yourself.
  • liaise with school.
  • learn your executive skills strengths and challenges.
  • identify goals.
  • set goals.
  • make an action plan.
  • implement the steps in an action plan.
  • learn or develop effective strategies to deal with obstacles as they arise.
  • get more sleep.
  • increase your productivity.
  • tackle the paperwork chaos.

My realistic approach is STRENGTH-BASED and reflects current neurodevelopmental research.

Problem Solutions

Find your Purpose

Julie helped me to narrow down a goal and create practical steps. Suddenly my goal was “doable”!
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Executive Skills Coaching

Story of My Life


1990: graduated from Simon Fraser University

Bachelor of Education


Proud Mother of 2 Amazing Young Men

Specialized teacher

English Language Educator, Special Education Teacher (Differentiating for Diversity Diploma)





Leadership/Mentor: Inclusion Teacher

Supported teachers as mentor, inclusion teacher and professional development speaker.

2020: Speaker Co-Founder of Practical Possibilities Educational Consulting, providing workshops for educators committed to inclusive learning.

2022: Executive Skills Coach and Founder of ADHD Roadmap supporting those with ADHD, ADD and/or executive skills challenges. Helping people get things done.

2023: Graduated from Peg Dawson’s Executive Skills Coaching Course.

2023: Speaker, presented to CHADD’sAsk the Experts” video series.